We’ve had the privilege to work in a variety of different industries.


A small sample of our work include the following projects:


Ames Library

Location: Bloomington, IL
Owner: Illinois Wesleyan University
Completion Date: 2002 
Project Cost: $21,700,000

Ames Library is a $21.7 million Construction Management project constructed for Illinois Wesleyan University. The 101,000 square foot building consists of a state of the art exterior wall construction, complex structural steel design, and ornate interior and exterior architectural finishes. Close coordination between the University and the Construction Team provided Illinois Wesleyan University with another great learning facility.


Second Presbyterian Church Santuary

Location: Bloomington, IL
Owner: Second Presbyterian Church
Completion Date: 2007 
Project Cost: $7,000,000

The Second Presbyterian Church Sanctuary is a breathtaking combination of old and new. The new Sanctuary stands on the site of the previous sanctuary built in 1895 and boasts seating for over 800 parishioners. Completed in 2007, the addition was constructed of precast concrete designed to replicate the old stone church. With salvaged additions such as the original art glass windows and the East St. Entrance, the building's history has been preserved & the original splendor of the facility renewed.

Milestones ELC/Preschool

Location: Bloomington, IL
Owner: Milestones ELC/Preschool
Completion Date: 2014
Project Cost: $1,800,000


McLean County Farm Bureau

Location: Bloomington, IL
Owner: McLean County Farm Bureau
Completion Date: 2013
Project Cost: $1,470,000

Aquatic Center + Pool

Location: Bloomington, IL
Owner: Insurance Company
Completion Date: 2007 
Project Cost: $17,000,000

Constructed in just eight months, this multi-purpose aquatic complex consists of a new competition and diving pool, lazy river with both hot and cold spas and a resort like atmosphere that includes bubbling waterfalls and natural rock outcroppings. The complex also includes a new mechanical building for entirely new pool pumps, filters and associated equipment. An extensive new landscaping plan and new ornamental fencing add to the overall artistic impact of the new facility. 


Country Financial

Location: Normal, IL
Owner: Country Financial
Completion Date: 2003 
Project Cost: $15,000,000

The 127, 000 sq. foot addition to the Country Financial and Illinois Agricultural Association campus boasts a two-story reception area ideal for welcoming clients. With room for over three hundred employees and parking for 400, this facility is designed to accommodate the ever changing needs of the Financial Planning division of Country Financial.

Assembly Hall (Now State Farm Center)

Location: Champaign-Urbana, IL
Owner: University of Illinois
Completion Date: 1963
Project Cost: $8,500,000

Our team built the128 feet high hall, with a dome spanning 400 feet of ribbed reinforced concrete in a folded-plate design that tapers to a mere 3.5 inch thickness. The ring-beam on which it was placed was prestressed by wrapping 614 miles of one-quarter inch steel wire under high tension around it. This made the dome self-supporting. The dome was the first of its kind, and at one time it was one of only two edge-supported domes in existence.


Clients and Markets that we serve include:

  • Industrial

  • Municipal

  • Recreational

  • Religious

  • Retail

  • Commercial

  • Educational

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality


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